Finding love on the internet, there are not only dating sites!

No more pink minitel and speed dating. Flirting techniques and modes of seduction evolve. Meetic nights, dinners between singles, Spotted pages on Facebook and mobile applications, there is more than just dating sites to find love on the internet. Discover all the new ways to fish the man of your night or your life.

When we know that in France there were 8.8 million singles including 7 million aged between 25 and 45 years in 2011, we understand better why the market dating site explodes. Continue reading

Machine learning and its applications in digital marketing!

Sub-discipline of artificial intelligence, machine learning technology is changing profoundly the landscape of digital marketing.

Is machine learning the new Grail of digital marketing? In any case, companies have stepped into the water to shift the growing volume of data from Big Data to the sieve of this technology. Hoping to find big nuggets. Continue reading