The best sites and apps to find short-term romance

Our editorial has extensively tested for you swinger dating sites. The results of our research revealed a sad reality: You can forget most swinger dating sites!

Women lightly dressed on the home page unfortunately do not mean that the site will offer real hot adventures … Continue reading

3nder Becomes Feeld The Largest Threesomes Finder App

It’s heating up at Tinder. The dating app via smartphone, which has tens of millions of users across 30 languages ​​available, has filed a complaint against a competing application with the very similar name, 3nder. Continue reading

Dating Tips: how to organize a threesome

You dream to test a sexual relationship to many, but you do not know how to do it … How to meet people interested in orgy?

Before you start, take a moment to analyze your motivations. What makes you want to have sex with more than one partner? Is it a taste for challenge, a fear of boredom? If you are in a relationship, does your companion feel like you? Set with him the limits (kissing, touching, sleeping), the number and the sex of the lovers of the game that you want to invite in your antics. It is essential to be in phase (with your own expectations and / or that of his +1) before taking the plunge. Continue reading

Adult Casual Dating Sites: What Dating Opportunities Do They Offer?


Before discovering our ranking of the best adult dating sites, it is important to understand what you will find on these platforms.

First of all, know that you will not make any serious encounter! It is good to specify, because some users think that the possibilities of finding love on an adult dating site exist. Well no, 99.99%. Simply because the members are only there to find a sexual partner! Feelings have no place here, so be warned. Continue reading

How to flirt with Tinder : Complete Guide on How to Talk to Girls on Tinder


If you fell on this page, looking for a magic formula that will certainly grant you a 100% success rate for dating and meeting girls on Tinder … I’m sorry to say, but it does not exist! But here you’ll find plenty of tips in our complete guide on how to interact with other people on Tinder and how to have engaging conversations to help you acheive better results and get more matches.

Its good? Perfect Continue reading

Finding love on the internet, there are not only dating sites!

No more pink minitel and speed dating. Flirting techniques and modes of seduction evolve. Meetic nights, dinners between singles, Spotted pages on Facebook and mobile applications, there is more than just dating sites to find love on the internet. Discover all the new ways to fish the man of your night or your life.

When we know that in France there were 8.8 million singles including 7 million aged between 25 and 45 years in 2011, we understand better why the market dating site explodes. Continue reading

Machine learning and its applications in digital marketing!

Sub-discipline of artificial intelligence, machine learning technology is changing profoundly the landscape of digital marketing.

Is machine learning the new Grail of digital marketing? In any case, companies have stepped into the water to shift the growing volume of data from Big Data to the sieve of this technology. Hoping to find big nuggets. Continue reading