Before discovering our ranking of the best adult dating sites, it is important to understand what you will find on these platforms.

First of all, know that you will not make any serious encounter! It is good to specify, because some users think that the possibilities of finding love on an adult dating site exist. Well no, 99.99%. Simply because the members are only there to find a sexual partner! Feelings have no place here, so be warned.

Then, depending on the platform chosen, you will be able to find regular hookups online, partners of sexual games of a night, lovers or lovers for adulterous relations or even couples looking for an additional member for spice up their antics. An appreciable variety, which lets you imagine a little possibilities.

Finally, the best naughty dating sites will not be limited to classic sex without originality. On some sites, you can define specific expectations and achieve with the right person (s): Sadomasochistic desires? From a bisexual experience? Lovers of trans? The most complete platforms will open you new horizons, and make it possible to satisfy everyone’s fantasies!

Discover now our 3 favorite adult dating sites!

What is the best adult dating site: our top 3!

After many hours trying sex dating sites available, we have selected 3 that we present here.

#1 DoubleList: the most effective site to find a hookup

If we had to elect the most effective and functional adult dating site, it would be without a doubt DoubleList.

This platform is based on minimal features to simplify contacts between rogue users and a streamlined interface, which simplifies the meeting. Thus, in a few minutes, you will have taken your marks on the site!

Once you have created a complete profile, you should not be long in coming in contact with hotter members than others. It’s easy, the subscribers do not seem to have any taboos and we start very sexy discussions in a few minutes. At least, the goal of users is clear: find a sexual partner as soon as possible.

Ultra efficient, put on little functionality to allow you to discuss: a live chat, messaging, we focus on the essentials. And it works very well.

On the one hand, your messages are answered quickly and interested, but even better, you will be contacted by many members with sudden desires. We are sometimes in good company after only a few messages exchanged!

DoubleList is the ideal site for those who want to find an ass plan without any headaches. In addition, it is possible to use it for 3 days for 1.53 euros, to discover how it works. This time allows to make your first naughty encounters!

So this is a first place completely deserved for this adult dating site!

#2 Adultfriendfinder, the biggest naughty community

If you have a desire for sex, and meeting members with sometimes fanciful expectations does not scare you, then AdultFrienFinder could be the site for you. Ultra complete, it is a platform on which millions of members are found all over the world.

Its effectiveness is more to prove, and it is not surprising when we see all the means of communication available to us here. Live chats or email – classic but very practical – but also a webcam chat system that allows very nice visual exchanges!

In addition, Adultfriendfinder certainly has the most advanced search system, with an infinity of criteria that allow everyone to satisfy his most naughty desires and fantasies most shameful.

The site is sexy, with its very naughty interface but also with profiles that do not hesitate to show in photos or videos in alluring outfits. Sex is king on this platform and users will not be asked to share naughty moments with you.

Moreover, you will find liveshow on the site, of users who like to show off for the pleasure of naughty spectators. What to have fun between 2 shots ass.

For varied sexy encounters, be they straight, gay, trans, and whatever your desires, Adultfriendfinder is a comprehensive international platform that will allow you to quickly get in touch with liberated men and women who want to have fun as soon as possible. The second place of our top 3 comes back to him logically.

#3 Fetlife: hot encounters without any taboos

The Fetlife adult dating site is for the naughty of you. For what reasons ? Simply because it is the one who assumes the most X side, as its indicates.

Here, the profiles are very sexy, and display naughty photos and videos that leave no room for doubt about the intentions of members. We flirt with pornography among some users, to the delight of rogues who are here. But the prudes of you could be shocked.

But Fetlife does not just have its interface to satisfy you.

The first good idea of ​​the site is to respect the male / female parity on the site, by limiting the male inscriptions when they exceed those of the women. A great way to make sure that women are not harassed with messages! And suddenly, they are much more comfortable browsing the site. This directly impacts the response rate to your messages, which is very high on Fetlife.

Then, Fetlife  is placed on a high-end niche, although it is intended for sex. This results in a fluid and very readable site, as well as in profiles of the highest quality. The descriptions are well filled and the photos make you want!

It is possible to meet very quickly on Fetlife, as long as you assume your desire for sex. Often, users will not go 4 ways to make you understand what they expect of you.

With a subscription offer starting at 1 USD, a large community in USA and abroad and sexy members, this adult dating site deserves its 3rd place in our ranking.
Choose your adult dating site according to the right criteria

So you have read our top 3 naughty dating sites. But it’s important to understand how we’ve established this ranking so that you can choose the adult dating site that suits you the most.

Here are our main selection criteria, which allow us to judge the quality of a adult dating platforms!

The community

Without a high number of naughty members, an adult dating site is nothing. For that, it is obvious that to privilege the most visited sites is an excellent idea. Some platforms have millions of users around the world, which makes it possible to find a naughty plan anywhere!

The more users there are, the more choices you have to satisfy your desires. The important thing is still to find naughty partners near you. To do this, register for free on the sites then do a search for profiles in your area. This will allow you to be sure to find naughty members able to meet you quickly.

But quantity is not everything! We appreciate sites on which members are validated by the staff, to avoid all fake or inappropriate profiles. In addition, the quality of the profiles, with complete descriptions and quality photos also influences our appreciation.

It is nice to browse a site with the choice of contacts, just as it is pleasant to receive messages from naughty members interested in a meeting.

Contact methods

A good adult dating site will offer you various methods of contact. Becoquin for example favors the effectiveness of his live chat, while Adultfriendfinder or Xflirt will highlight the video exchange.

Everyone should find the solution that suits them best, to interact with other naughty members.

A little more: sites that have a mobile application can stay in constant contact with rogue users. What to find a plan ass at any time!

It is important for a naughty dating site to know how to stand out. Too often, dating platforms are similar and difficult to distinguish.

But some sites have an image of their own, with an interface sometimes sexy, sometimes much harder, and some sites will even bet on eroticism.

It’s up to you to choose the style you like best!

The obtained results

To define the effectiveness of a site, we must take into account the results obtained on this site. This can be measured in different ways.

For example, we can rely on the number of shots or encounters obtained during a period. It’s a good indicator, but it can be skewed by people. Indeed, some will be ready to sleep with all members contacted, while others will have much more selective criteria or desires.

Therefore, it is preferred to rely on the message response rate. Simply put, the higher the response rate to the messages you send, the more contacts you have and therefore the opportunity to turn them into a naughty plan!

Finally, a performance indicator of a relevant site is your inbox: on some naughty dating sites, it is always full, while on others, it remains empty! Your profile and the desires displayed may vary this indicator but as a general rule, it is a good way to know if a site is effective.

Now that you know how to identify the best adult dating sites, let’s see how to behave on these platforms to make the most of dating.