No more pink minitel and speed dating. Flirting techniques and modes of seduction evolve. Meetic nights, dinners between singles, Spotted pages on Facebook and mobile applications, there is more than just dating sites to find love on the internet. Discover all the new ways to fish the man of your night or your life.

When we know that in France there were 8.8 million singles including 7 million aged between 25 and 45 years in 2011, we understand better why the market dating site explodes.

After the correspondence and the pink Minitel, the era is virtual meeting. For geeks, gays, cougars, cathos, jews, muslims, who like you, fans of Apple, left and right, hunters, those who want to cheat on their wife or husband , dating sites are growing as fast as John Mayer’s girlfriends. There is something for everyone and today there are more than 2000 sites on the French web.

But, in 2013, there are not only dating sites to find love. The web moves and the return to reality is essential. Suddenly, new ideas come in and seduce.

Meetic evenings

From now on, the site leader of the meeting in France does not content to create a first virtual contact. In 2013, we want to see each other. Wow. And SO, Meetic organizes evenings for singles. In total, 50 evenings have already been organized in nearly 40 French cities.

The principle ? Spend an enjoyable evening and meet the largest singles community by age and city.

Most ? You can invite up to three people around you, even if they are not registered on the Meetic website.

Spotted Facebook pages

With Facebook, we simplified the drag. Finish the plan of the number on a piece of palm that is erased without even realizing it at the first wash of hands. It is enough, today, to know a name and a name to initiate a “friend request”. Even stronger ? Spotted service.

The principle ? A look in the subway, a smile in the street, a friend on the bench of the university, the favorites hit without warning. Facebook’s Spotted pages allow you to find the unknown that haunts your thoughts. In the Facebook search bar, just type “Spotted” to see if the site page exists. And if not, all you have to do is create it. In the same vein, there are also the sites “Crossing in the subway” and “On c loupé”. A search opinion worthy of a novel.

Most ? No need to count! In 2013, the whole world is registered on Facebook. It only takes one click to find a secret admirer.

Meetserious, dinners between singles

Speed ​​dating is overrated. Today, the chic is to register for dinners between singles.

The principle ? The idea of ​​the site Meetserious is to gather around the same table singles. Once registered on the site, simply choose the profiles that interest you, the restaurant that tempts you and your availability. The site takes care of everything. In the end, six people meet for a common meal.

Most ? Meet. It’s nice to chat on dating sites. It is necessary to know how to cross the course of the meeting without necessarily timing the moment. Most of the most? 10% of the bill is donated to the association of the month.

Apps to find love

Today, there is internet and then there are our smartphones that leave us less and less. So what applications to find love? We take stock.

Bonjourbonjour: Because it’s not always easy, the Bonjourbonjour app helps you meet people. Yum. She looks for subscribers who are close to you and puts you in touch with them. You discover their profiles and if they interest you, you can “poker” to signify that you are ready to know them.

Free and available on Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Torch.

Wishide: This app lets you know if the attraction you have for your friend, neighbor or office colleague is reciprocal. Just create a list of your contacts that you like. As soon as one of the contacts in your list adds you, you are immediately informed.