If you fell on this page, looking for a magic formula that will certainly grant you a 100% success rate for dating and meeting girls on Tinder … I’m sorry to say, but it does not exist! But here you’ll find plenty of tips in our complete guide on how to interact with other people on Tinder and how to have engaging conversations to help you acheive better results and get more matches.

Its good? Perfect

So, how to flirt on Tinder?

First, if you are a match with the girl, that is sure there is a potential to exploit. Then the only one you choose to do is improve your chances of meeting in person. I have to reassure you, it’s normal, it’s a big part of the girls you interacted with Tinder until you did not meet him.

It may be the method that makes you lose your chances, but at the same time, there are plenty of external factors to consider. You have no control over what happened in the girl’s life. One-Time-It-One-One-One-Time-Out-Time-Out

Now, you have to ask this question: What can I control in all this?

Take control of your results on Tinder

The only and best thing you can do to increase your chances of dating on Tinder is to work on you. Over time, you need to develop the mental qualities that will be silenced with the encounters (like being authentic) and that you obviously also do the way you live.

Plus, it’s not about getting to have extravagant results. All you need is to work the process and learn your mistakes. It is possible to meet you with the effort.

The main mistake you should avoid on Tinder

In my opinion, the error of an old-guy-guy who embarked on Tinder, it would be the search for the easy trick and the “secret technique”. If we think like that, we really found the cures for the symptoms and it does not really treat the cause of the problem.

I have a confession to make. When I was in the beginning, it was EXACTLY like that I thought! I said to myself after learning 2-3 tips, I was going to be “all right”. Personally, I did not take the right way to do it. If you play a character or use techniques that are not really reflective of your personality, you know that in the background you are becoming a mentor to the girl. The girl is not going to approve for who you are, but for the “movements” that you have done to her.

Why does a girl stop responding  to your messages on Tinder?

In your interactions on Tinder, the girl may stop responding to you. It may be that it is at the first message, during the first exchanges, after the exchanges, etc. What you need to do is, over time, that you need to improve and better manage your Tinder conversations. Do not be perfect. As long as the girl is interesting enough to meet, that’s all that happens at that moment.

What’s the main difference between having a conversation about Tinder and a conversation in real life?


Talking on a dating site and in real life are two different things. For example, during a first meeting, it is important to leave space for the girl to express herself. You contribute to the conversation, but you gauge its level of interest to talk about all kinds of different topics. In short, you let her speak and speak.

On a dating site, the girl is bombarded with messages. At first glance, it often does not tempt him to invest in long answers. This is often the reason why guys believe that girls on dating sites have nothing to say. That’s far from being the case!

Just ask the right questions and be interested in knowing the answers. Since she’s probably not going to invest too much in long answers at the beginning, it’s important that you make sure that you add value to every message you receive. For example, if you talk to him about sports, no matter what his answer, you’ll talk about a sporting thing you did recently after.

The goal is not to flood it with information, but to give it plenty of conversation leads. With that, he has a good chance that she starts to get involved if she sees that you talk about something that interests him.

No connection = no date

The only way to have an assured first date is to create mutual interest between you and the girl. It is necessary to remove the illusion that it is possible to meet in only 2-3 messages. I would be lying if I say it’s impossible, but if the girl meets you in these circumstances, it’ll be on a whim. She probably put you in the same category as a guy she was already giving and you use a bit of a mental shortcut she made herself to meet you.

You have to ask yourself what kind of girl you would like to meet. Do you want a girl who meets anyone? I think it’s better to build a little something online before meeting. It avoids surprises!

What if the girl stops answering you when you suggest to meet?

Too often, I think the girl is just surprised you’re asking the question. For example, I would not advise you to re-open a Tinder conversation and talk directly about the meeting. I would say it’s better to talk about a meeting after a brief conversation.

In addition, it shows that you are interested in her and not just at the meeting. It could also be that there was really no connection between you and the girl. For example, every time you spoke, she would answer you, but nothing more.

And there you talk to him about a meeting and it does not even tempt him to answer you. She knows that if she answers you negatively, she risks embarking on a debate that will bring her negative emotions. What you’re looking for is building a solid enough interaction that when you talk about a meeting, she’ll feel compelled to answer you.

If it is available, great! If not…

What to do when a girl tells you she is too busy to meet you?

If the girl tells you she is too busy at the moment, do not worry about it! It does not matter. What I’m suggesting is to accept what she told you and keep talking to her. There is no point doubting its availability or trying to re-schedule again and again.

Another thing, if the girl is interested, but not available at the moment, there is a good chance that she will list her future availabilities in her answer. What you have to tell yourself is that if she continues to talk to you, chances are you’ll be heading to a meeting soon. She clearly knows your intentions now.

Precisely, it’s important to cultivate your interest in her. What I mean is that the girl must feel that you really care about her. It is certain and certain that she will win if she feels that you pretend or that you play her.

You need to improve yourself first to unlock better results on Tinder

To conclude. There is no magic formula. The only thing you can do is improve yourself. With time and your learning, he will have more girls who will answer you and it will allow you to meet more people. And there, it will unlock … you will really better understand the online dating

Do girls regularly stop talking to you on Tinder?

A question I’m often asked is: what about Tinder? I’ll explain what to say when you talk to a girl about Tinder.

I know a lot of guys who live in this situation and maybe you’ve already done it too: you go to a girl on Tinder and it’s ok for some exchanges. Then, all of a sudden, the girl stops answering you and the conversation dies.

Often it’s because you do not know what to say on Tinder to the girl that the conversation is dying … and I do not want it to come to you. I want you to have conversations that last a long time with girls and that you are able to meet them.

How to have an interesting conversation on Tinder with a Girl?

So how do you do that? What to tell the girl to have a conversation that lasts and that is interesting? What I’m telling you is that there has to be a mix of comfort and attraction. The girl must be comfortable with you and be attracted at the same time. Often I notice that the guys do one more than the other and that’s where it crash … it’s not strong enough to attract the girl.

The 2 keys for success on Tinder

On the one hand, if you’re just attracted, the girl will find you interesting, but she’ll be a little intimidated by you and she’ll be afraid to meet you in real life.

On the other side, if you’re just comfortable, she’ll find you nice and harmless, but she will not really have any reason to come meet you because you do not stand out as an interesting guy.

You must have these two elements in your conversations with the girls on Tinder. You have to watch both that you are attractive and that you are a “normal” guy. You really should not neglect to show the girl that you are “normal” and not “creepy” because it is a legitimate concern that girls have on dating sites. Often, they do not really know who they are doing business with when they are on dating apps.

A simple technique to acheive success on Tinder

Now, how do you show that you are a guy who is both attractive, but also a guy who the girl can trust? There are plenty of ways to do that. A really good way to do that is to tell stories. For example, you can talk about anything that happened to you that you find a little funny or unusual.

Or just if the girl tells you something and it makes you think of a story, you can tell him the anecdote. I advise you that when you start a conversation with a girl, you start with stories that are a little shorter, and then as the conversation goes on and the line is more committed by you, you can go with longer stories.


How to make a girl interested in you on Tinder?

The other thing you can do is to tell stories by the girl! Often, the girl will open doors when you are going to have a conversation about Tinder with her. She’s going to talk to you about her personal life and you can ask him questions about it.

You go there with the angle to want to learn more about its history. As an example, you could ask her what she does in life. Then you can ask him “why did you decide to do that? ”

Then she can tell her story, she gets involved in the conversation and she will appreciate that you listen to her and that you are interested in her.

Find a story to tell

Now that you know what to say about Tinder, what I’m telling you to do now is to think of an interesting story that is not too long that happened to you recently.

Write to one of the girls you’re talking to on Tinder and you’ll see, it’s really going to add something interesting to the conversation. Do you get that with your conversations on Tinder?

There are lots of guys who ask me questions like, “I do not know what to say about Tinder … I’m talking to a girl about Tinder and finally the conversation always ends up dying. ”

What happens is that you do not know how to talk to a girl about Tinder properly.

If you do not know how to keep her engaged in conversation with an interesting conversation, the girl will stop answering you and you will not be able to meet her.

How to make the girl interested in conversation?

What makes the girl interested when you talk to Tinder? To explain this to you, I want to make a comparison with what guys who are naturally good with girls do. The guys who are naturally good with girls, often they are good also for talking with anyone.

They are sociable guys. A sociable guy, when he communicates with other people, you’ll notice that he’s not just going to ask questions or just make statements. He will make a mix of both.

That’s what makes a conversation natural. Think about it. In the natural conversations you have with your friends, you will not ask 1000 questions.

You’ll ask him a question, then you’ll comment on his answer and it’ll be like that and so on.

The assertion-question cycle technique

You have to get rid of just asking questions to girls or just making assertions to girls. The way to have an interesting and stimulating conversation with the girl is what I call the affirmation-question cycle.

The affirmation-question cycle is exactly that: an affirmation, then a question and we start again. In practice, what you will do early conversation with the girl is that you will ask him a question. With her answer, you can take the opportunity to make a statement by commenting on what she has just said.

And there, after you made an affirmation about his answer, you can ask him another question. It will make your questions much more natural and much more fluid when you do that. For example, you can ask the girl what she does in life. She could answer you: “I am an accountant. ”

You’ll be able to answer him: “Ah … I always thought it sounded a little boring to be accountant. That’s an affimation. Then you will be able to ask another question to continue: “What made you want to go into this business? ” You understand? It makes the conversation more natural and fluid.

Apply the affirmation-question cycle in your conversations about Tinder

Now that you know the mega secret to having stimulating conversations with girls and you know how to talk about Tinder, what I want you to do is start practicing this principle now in your conversations.

At first, you may feel that it’s not natural for you or that it’s a bit robotic. It’s ok, it will become natural with time. What you have to do now, I want you to cut through the questions you ask the girl with statements. I want you to comment on his answers. Do it now with your Tinder matches and you’ll see, you’ll have a lot more challenging conversations.

The last word: Apply the advice I gave you!

On this, apply all the tips in this guide and see you soon!